Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dreamland Aqua Park

Dreamland Aqua  Park is one in every of the biggest water parks within the region; associate oasis of palm trees and inexperienced turf within the desert of the Arabia. additionally to our design and natural options, we provide a range of programs and host special events. 

Share your children their joy and fun in Aqua  Play (that includes 19games)

Pump up your hormone in our Family Raft Ride and Wave pool or float in our high-salinity pool, as if you were within the lake. If you're a motor sport fan, use our motor vehicle circuit or bumper boats. For those of you World Health Organization relish a drink or 2 in a colossal Jacuzzi or a cool Pool Bar, we provide a range of beverages and snacks in our totally accredited bar. And for associate exquisite meal, strive one in every of our seven restaurants; the Russian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Continental, Lebanese and nourishment retailers. we have a tendency to even have video games arcade for your loved one very little ones.

 Great guests Participation and Interaction

We accessorial five exciting family games to allow you to celebrate jointly, and share unforgettable  family thrills. be part of our water sports, play volleyball and have the most effective time of your life in a very friendly and safe surroundings.

Great Water Attraction

Our rides embody 2 Kamikaze rides, Black Hole, four Twisting Dragons, 5 large Slides, a lazy watercourse, swimming pools, Space Bowl, Roaring volcano and far, much more.

Rides and Slides 

             Wet Rides
             Dry Attractions

 More Rides, additional Slides and additional Fun awaits you at never-never land Aqua Park. With enough area to accommodate seven,000 guests per day and activities to induce the epinephrine pumping, there’s enough to try and do to stay you going all day long.

Water Rides

Selected pools ar temperature controlled. Our rides ar distinctive therein all of them ar  interactive and cluster bound rides, meant to double your thrills and excitement!

Aqua Play 

An interactive children Pool designed with nineteen game choices to feature to your toddlers and kids fun. Stand below the large water bucket and acquire soaked to the bone!

Bumper Boats 

Many adults were caught guilty victimisation the kids’ bumper boats! 

 Wave Pool 

No wave in never-never land. This large wave pool is that the largest within the region: one,250,000 liters of water!

Dream Stream 

Slip into a pleasing dream within the dream stream for dreamers solely.


Slide within a forty meter tunnel long, Spin yourself quick on the bowl’s inner walls, then take a 2-meter nose drive! it's F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

Family Raft Ride 

The tube accommodates five folks and can take you on a rough ride. you may scream your hearts out on this adrenalin-pumping raft ride.


Live life on the quick lanes… Banzai!

Twisting Dragons 

Thrills at each twist and switch. you recognize from that facet you entered the ride however have to be compelled to build a wild guess that one you’ll find yourself with! 

Slide 5 

Don’t mislead yourself. This ride could appear straightforward from the sidelines, however you’re certain  an enormous, huge surprise!

Mighty Go spherical 

A wild wild raft watercourse among a pair of large body slides. Kiddies have the mini-go-round, for a secure short route.

Hippos Island 

The pirates landed on this eruptive island and had their boats done for. the sunshine and effect can amaze you. whereas within the waters, be careful for the hippos! This game has body many slides and interactive games for the miscroscopic ones

Pool Bar

Cool is that the rule at the pool bar. Cocktails and drinks to quench your thirst!

Dead Sea

Live the lake expertise in our high salinity pool. It’s a 1 of a sort.

Buheira Grande

The name says it all…. an outsized pool lack for swimmers. 

Dry Attractions

Go Kart Circuit 

Go Karts at your disposal for a fun drive circuit textile all ages!

Mini Pet Land

Enjoy look our choice of farm animals and have a photograph along with your most favorite animal.

 Pay per game and rent courts for

- Basketball
- Beach Volleyball
- mini soccer
- court game
- Tennis
- Frisbee

Dreamland Aqua Park offers bank tenting, a novel service within the UAE for people who ar on the lookout for a unique sensational expertise. The park does not entertain the other accommodation facility.

Nearby hotels ar solely on a 5-minute drive within the neighboring Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah Emirate.

Camp website details

"Time for ourselves" is that the solely theme at Dreamland's new site. Indulge your mind associated body in an Oasis of relaxation.

The location is that good. everybody feels reception here from toddlers to grandparents.

Dreamland is fascinating each by water and toward land. Our family holidays can charm to any or all ages. there is associate abundance of reasonable activities with heaps to supply. yearning for thrills? Our leisure activities ar good for you.

If your dream vacation options toward land and within the water attractions, you cannot get it wrong with a vacation in Dreamland; temperatures ar perpetually heat and you'll sit back with the family and friends. The tropical atmosphere can amaze young and previous alike. 


   36 hours access to the Park.
  Water facet tenting
   Complete tenting Gear
   Added safety (24-hour duty lifeguards and security staff)
   Greater convenience (Night swimming in selected pool)
   Unique expertise
   Shared system

Accommodation sorts

Two accommodation sorts ar offered for your comfort:
  Wooden cabins

For each sorts, a pair of packages ar available:

  Full Board: never-never land can give the entire tenting Gear with BBQ Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch and recreation.
  Half Board: never-never land can give the entire tenting Gear with BBQ Dinner, Breakfast and recreation.

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Tivoli Garden Amusement Park

 The Tivoli Gardens has entertained and enchanted  Copenhageners and other people from everywhere the globe since its initial season in 1843.

Like a tiny fairy-tale village, you will find it right within the heart of national capital. and that we assure you that Tivoli's got one thing for everybody, notwithstanding what age. You will find everything from roller coasters to theatres, romantic gourmand restaurants, caf├ęs, bars, brilliant flowers and out of doors stages wherever native and international stars perform throughout the season.

 For Christmas, town transforms into a winter fairyland, wherever you'll skate and by Christmas presents in an out of doors old school market. Summer season lasts until the top of Sep and winterseason begins within the end Gregorian calendar month.

 Tivoli Gardens may be a noted commons in national capital Kingdom of Denmark. it's a fashionable tradition that started approach back by a person named Georg Carstensen United Nations agency got a 5 year charter from King Christian VIII once he explained that if folks had one thing to amuse themselves, they'd not believe politics. He roughly was given around fifteen acres of land as town was outside the town, accessible through Vesterport. Tivoli originally had cafe's, flower gardens, and mechanical amusement rides, however over the years that has modified. Tivoli presently learned that it'd got to abandon its charm and attend a additional pleasure ground vogue which has led to many alternative changes all for the higher it looks.

 Today Tivoli Gardens may be a very talked-about commons among the locals and guests to the world. This park is best renowned for its picket roller coaster named the Rutsjebanen or some folks decision it Bjerg Banen, which suggests Mountain Track. It had been designed around 1914 in Scandinavian country and is one amongst the oldest in operation picket roller coasters in use nowadays. Different attractions at town that you simply can fancy is that the Daemonen that options a Immelmann loop and a Zero-G roll supplying you with a awfully quick thrill ride that may leave you dumb. Currently many of us don't understand that town Gardens additionally contend host to Jamie Cullen as a part of the national capital Jazz week additionally. Throughout the summer months the park is home to several totally different events together with Fredagsrock, that is dubbed Fri Rock wherever some prime musical acts like the Smashing Pumpkins, Sting, and therefore the shop Boys.

As you'll see town has very evolved from what one guy's plan and nowadays may be a place wherever folks attend fancy themselves for a few fun. Tivoli Gardens may be a place that has one thing for the total family to fancy from tiny to recent and within the finish an honest time are had for all notwithstanding what their preferences perhaps.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Dream World Amusement Park In Bangkok

Thailand's terribly own Disneyland! If your family enjoys adrenalin-charged theme parks, certify you are taking your youngsters to Dream World. Divided into inventive areas like Fantasy Land, Dream Garden and journey Land, this fun loaded park is ideal for families.

Roller coasters, a haunted mansion, bumper cars and a Scandinavian boat area unit some of the surprises waiting in journey Land. In Fantasy Land, youngsters will climb up a stem to the giant's house, look within Sleeping Beauty's castle, look at Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, or the lake wherever the frog turns into a blue blood.

You can take the railroad around journey Land, or ride the waves at Super Splash, the foam Rapids at gorge, or check your driving skills on the automotive vehicle track. absolutely the highlight for Thai youngsters although is Snow Land (in the center of a tropical city) that has a vast snow field wherever you'll be able to ride a sleigh, build a figure associated determine what an shack is. there's conjointly a daily parade wherever the youngsters get to satisfy their favorite cartoon characters and a Hollywood Action Show with spectacular effects. 

 Dream World is that the absolute stuff of kids! You won’t get out of here till they're exhausted… and you recognize however long that takes! this can be an enormous American-style funfair with all the trimmings. Corkscrew, Bumping Cars, Swinging Scandinavian Boat, Rollercoaster – they're all there, and additional besides. My personal favorite is that the Giant's House wherever everything is fifty times as huge because it ought to be – terribly convincing associated it might be an fully good spot to own a celebration. 

 The Super Splash, and foam Rapids area unit water rides and please note: you may get wet! Dream World conjointly features a full fledged automotive vehicle track and ‘Snow Land’ – a show of artificial snow (although this attraction isn't enclosed within the main price ticket fee). Dream World conjointly options a live ‘Hollywood Action Show’ that up till recently had a dubious show of Nazi Storm Troopers with success offensive associate Allied camp. many of us area unit glad that this focus has modified to a SWAT squad offensive a criminal’s den. this can be well well worth the trip.

If you have got youngsters (and the time) undoubtedly take them. do not miss the extravaganza! Meet your favorite cartoon characters within the spectacular the colours of the globe Parade. Oh! Yes, Dreamy are within the parade too.