Monday, 27 February 2012

Travel To Sesame Place Amusement Park

Sesame Place is that the nation’s solely theme park primarily based entirely on the award-winning tv show Sesame Street. Ideal for families with young youngsters, it's the place where folks and youngsters will share within the spirit of imagination and skill Sesame Street along through whirling rides, water slides, colourful shows and furry friends.

Located simply half-hour north of Philadelphia and ninety minutes south of latest York town, Sesame Place is that the place childs and therefore the kid in all people.

Sesame Place brings the Sesame Street tv show and its values to life for youngsters through play. What began as a three-acre theme park has currently grown to be a 14-acre must-see destination for youngsters across the country.

Park Entrance space

•    Grover's Vapor path - a roller coaster geared toward babies as young as 3 years getting on. A custom Vekoma family roller coaster with many helixes.
•    Twiddlebug Land - a district themed to the Twiddlebug characters. Everything looks outsized here.
•    Sky Splash - an outsized raft water slide that stands over vi stories high, from that one will see the Philadelphia skyline on clear days
•    Teeny little Tidal Wave - a ten,000-square-foot (930 m2) wave pool shaped from Ernie's wild garden hose.
•    Slimey's Chutes - 2 spiral tube water slides. Single and double tubes are used.
•    Silly Sand Slides - 3 large slides; an outsized watch, a spoon on a bag of marbles and a dumped bucket of sand.
•    Mix n' Match Twiddle Tracks - a kid-powered railroad for the insufficient ones.
River Area
•    Big Bird's Rambling River - a slow-moving, 1,000-foot (300 m) waterway winding through Sesame Island.
•    Ernie's Waterworks - alittle water play space for the insufficient ones.

Sesame Neighborhood space

•    Sunny Day Carousel - A carousel with Sesame Street designed horses. Its location was formerly the house of the famous huge Bird Steps.

Splash Castle space

•    The Count's Splash Castle - The park's largest attraction opened within the Spring of 2009. This multi-level, water park attraction options over ninety play components, together with a a thousand gallon tipping bucket.
•    Sesame Streak - A try of tube water slides, one for single riders and therefore the alternative for double riders.
•    Slippery Slopes - Four short vertical water slides that drop into a 3 foot pool.

Elmo's World - a district themed to the favored Sesame Street phase

•    Peek-A-Bug - riders spin and slide from aspect to aspect on the rear of a smiling bug.
•    Blast Off - a frog hopper, tower drop ride during which riders travel to Planet Elmo with the furry red monster himself.
•    Cloud Chaser - riders fly around in swings.
•    Flyin' Fish - 2 individuals will ride along on the fins of an Elmo fish.

Near Elmo's World

•    Snuffy's Slides - 2 long dry tube slides for teenagers twelve and underneath.
•    Bert & Ernie's Slip & Slide - 2 intertwining body flumes that vacant into a splash pool.

Nets Area

•    Nets & Climbs - many yards of cargo internetting connected by two hundred feet (61 m) of suspended net tunnels.
•    Ernie's Bed Bounce - a large, springy yellow air mattress.
•    Grover's World Twirl - a character-themed teacup ride.
•    Big Bird's Balloon Race - a 40-foot (12 m) high balloon tower ride that affords a read of the park.
•    Cookie Mountain - a tall blue mountain that children seven and underneath will commit to scale on their own.
•    Big Bird's Court - alittle playground and massive Bird's Nest, an outsized padded space with blocks children five and underneath will build with and run around on.

Monster Maze
- alittle, sand bottom pit with massive "monster" baggage children will run around

Sesame Place continues to supply the foremost exciting, enriching, thrilling experiences for families with young youngsters. Building reminiscences to last a lifetime, the attractions vary from such thrill rides as burst off in Elmo’s World, water rides just like the surprise-packed adventures on Sky Splash in Twiddlebug Land and play activities like the difficult 3 story high Nets n’ Climbs in huge Bird’s Court.

Throughout the season are special events together with The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular, a awfully Furry Christmas and a concert series that options kid-favorite recording stars. Plus, greeting guests and performing in musical shows together with the all-new “Neighborhood Street Party” parade are the celebrities of Sesame Street – Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, the Count and lots of additional.

Insider TipTry an Elmo’s ANY Two-Day price ticket, a promotional price ticket product that enables 2 days of fun for the worth of 1. These 2 days don't need to be consecutive and will be used on any regular scheduled operating day throughout the present season.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Travel To Essel World Amusement Park

EsselWorld – India’s Largest Amusement Park and Water Kingdom – Asia’s Largest Theme Water Park. Pioneers within the entertainment and leisure business, it had been EsselWorld that pulled folks out of the staid atmosphere of typical pleasure journeys and unfolded before them the exciting new state of affairs of a whole leisure destination. A sprawling complicated on the coastal Gorai village in northwest Mumbai, “The Island of Fun” is sprawled over sixty four acres and may be a refreshing gateway to a full new world of pleasure and fun. The second part within the enlargement plans for PIPPL, Water Kingdom makes this twin park complicated a whole destination by itself. It’s never-before seen attractions set amidst distinctive design with international customary amenities and hygiene; catapult Water Kingdom into a unique league. it's the sole, really international water park expertise in India.

For the socially active, gregarious, additional outgoing and open to newer sorts of entertainment, EsselWorld and Water Kingdom offers a chance to combine journey with pleasure. sixty four acres of contemporary air, 30,000 specimens in botanical garden, seventy nine racy rides and zippy slides, these twin amusement parks attracts up to one.8 million guests every year, of that a large variety (3, 00,000) are students. With quite 600 faculties visiting the park, the complicated attracts guests from each among and out of doors Mumbai (35% from cities and cities outside the Mumbai metropolis).

Essel World was the primary amusement park in India and has managed to stay a favourite. it's over thirty rides, a Water Kingdom water park, bowling alley, ice skating rink, and Aquadrome dancefloor. The highlight is that the horrifying new Monsters within the Mist dark ride, that is outwardly the primary of its kind in India.

Cool yourself off throughout the recent and humid summers of Mumbai at the Wet World at Essel World where you'll be able to freak out with the Rain pool Splash pool and Croc pool Lazy River. one thing you cannot afford to miss when in Mumbai.

Funs and Rides

Adult Rides: These Rides are only for the adults:

»Bump'em Cars : Bumping into other s cars is not that easy - try out, it will come out as one of the toughest driving tests.

» Cadbury's Zyclone: Experience the great fall from this Zyclone.

» Enterprise: It operates on the principle of " Shake well while in use". Heights, movements and scary speed - only for brave adults.

» Rainbow:If you want to see the entire Essel World in one go from height then this is the ride to go on a ride for!

Children Rides: These Rides are only for the kids:

» Rio Grande: Its an attractive train, with colors of yellow, green, black and gold. There are two tramways, a caboose and the engine.

» Big Apple: This Roller Coaster in the shape of a red glowing Apple will take the kids on a wonderful ride. Hear them scream in joy and excitement as they sit inside the apple.

» Yard Train: This Cute little engine pulls the six small wagons. See the children go round in circles at this small train with the small railway station.

Family Rides: These Rides are the entire family to enjoy :

» Fuji Aqua Dive: This nose-dive which is 50 feet steep, is the courageous one. Enjoy the waters as the roller coaster whizzess through the cool waters.

» Haunted Hotel: Scream as much as you want and run as fast as you can in this thematic Haunted Hotel..

» Prabal - The Killer: Its a real warship which participated in the Indo - Pak 1971 war. It provides a unique walk through experince for the guests.

Wet World
This section has six water related rides - Rain Pool, Splash Pool, Croc Pool, Large Activity Pool, Lazy River, Small Activity Pool. It is one of the most favorite destinations during the summer.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Vacation Plan To Baywatch Amusement Park

Amusement parks envisage a additional participatory and interactive kind of entertainment with no spectators, for all are actors within the exhilarating play world. Baywatch, the versatile, multi Entertainment Park at sunset purpose offers a singular thanks to expertise the exotic grandeur of Kanyakumari in its integrals. Baywatch comes up with a wholesome family entertainment saga of rapturous experiences, that leaves you at a degree of nonstop excitement during a thrilling and bewitching water world. nice fun designs equaling international standards keep you on the ecstatic brink of frenzy. 

Baywatch is exclusive in some ways. With the recently added wax museum, Bay watch is that the solely park in Asia to deal with a Wax museum. The wax museum being the primary of its kind during this a part of the globe has held with the imagination of the folks. The response received to the wax museum since its gap in last week of December 2005 is tremendous.

Baywatch at sunset purpose Kanyakumari is additionally the primary seaside amusement park in India. It opened the doors to the general public on fifth February 2003. Kanyakumari chosen as a result of, the spot invariably presented an unalloyed and unperturbed face of nature, where wholesome family entertainment will realize summit expressions.

The Kanyakumari Baywatch offers many dry rides, and water rides for enjoyment as lovely spots for taking photos.

The dry rides offered at Baywatch Kanyakumari are: Swing Chair, Flying elephants, Tea Cups, Bumping Cars, Family Train, Frizbee, Bowling internet, Bull, and Mystery World.

Flying elephants

Total occupant capability is twelve, on twin share basis. The rider is lifted to a height between vi ft and ten ft and circular movement of the whole system at 32ft radius is maintained. The system operates on hydraulic principle. Seats are thus designed that person of any age cluster might be comfortably seated.

Swing Chair

There are total ten chairs. The chairs are hanging on chains. whereas in motion, every rider moves through a 30ft radius circle. Crossbars are provided for each seat for passenger safety whereas the ride is in operation. Chain thickness and running speed are thus designed that the system might face up to even with 140Kg individual weight on every seat

Tea Cups

The teacup ride offers a true non-inertial expertise to the rider. The four tea cup formed seating individually rotates opposite to the platform direction.

 Bumping Cars

State of the art bumping cars of Bay Watch is real excitement for each visitor. Total driving space is 1200 sqft. twelve passengers might ride at a time in vi cabs on twin share basis. The stereo sound system provides a true thrilling mood to the rider. 

We use Insulation materials of prime quality to with stand even ten times the rated voltage. Our experienced staffs are invariably vigil to avoid traffic blocks. Individual seat belts are provided for added safety of passengers.

The water rides offered at Baywatch are: Wave Pool, Milky way, Aqua Shuttle, Multiple Splash, Crazy Cruise, Triveni waterfalls, Rain Ramba, facet Winder, and children Pool.

Wave Pool

The marvel of contemporary science where the natural wave result patterns is created with natural effects, created by the mixture of pneumatics and engineering skills within the most safest manner. Real ocean result is made with five.5lakh ltrs of water. Waves are made in all the 3 dimensions. The ship at one facet of the pool makes a natural result.

Milky way

This is a journey through a cave with three twists. The two hundred ft long journey through the imaginary area resembles a journey through the Milky means – one might even bit the celebrities. this can be a ride for couples. they might move in air crammed floats. twenty seconds is that the total slide time. The diameter of the cave is vi ft to confirm straightforward, sleek journey of men of any size.

Aqua Shuttle

Here one might see the sky whereas moving through the slide. This ride three twists would be a true excitement that journey through the 220 ft long path finishes in eighteen seconds- All curves are scientifically banked to confirm passenger safety through out the ride.

Multiple Splash

Within seconds one will go right down to the world from a height of 35ft and raise up to 30ft and then launch at the pool containing over one lakh ltrs of water. 

Total slide length, height, slope & depth of the slide and water flow are scientifically designed to confirm free movement of individuals of any weight cluster. the planning ensures that no matter body weight, anybody might end the ride in only vi seconds. which is that the real amusement – sliding 152 ft in only vi seconds.

And the lovely photo points (spots) for taking photos at Baywatch are: Country lady holding fishing basket on her head, the Dolphin fountain, the Octopus, the Arabian large and also the Fisherman.

The Park additionally features a wax museum that homes real-size wax sculptures of many celebrities. These sculptures are designed by many eminent sculptors and also the basic plan of the wax museum is comparable to that of the famous Madame Tussauds wax museum in London.

A visit to Baywatch amusement park is a pleasant thanks to fancy your Kanyakumari trip, particularly if you're travelling with youngsters and children.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Travel Vacation Planning To Everland Amusement Park

Everland amusement theme park is located in Yongin, a suburb of Seoul, at 310 Jeondae-ri, Pogok-myeon, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do and is the biggest theme park in South Korea. Everland, which is operated by Samsung Everland, includes a lot of different rides and facilities and three distinct themes: Festival World, Caribbean Bay and Speedway.

Located near the front entrance of Everland, the Global Fair is home to a large bazaar decorated with reproductions of castles from France, Middle Eastern countries, Spain, India, and Russia. Not only visually captivating, the various architectural styles invite visitors into the culture and history of other nations, such as the Ancient and Medieval Periods of Europe.

The Four Seasons Garden of Everland is decorated with beautiful flowers arranged in a French garden style. Surrounded by Holland-style architecture, the gardens are the stage for seasonal flower festivals (tulips from April to June, lilies from July to August, and chrysanthemums from September to October), laser shows, and musical fountain shows.

The Zoo Topia section of the park :
The Zoo Topia section of the park is the where guests can find the ever-popular Safari World and Herbivore Safari. In safari world white tigers, tigers, lions, and bears roam around freely, providing guests with an up-close look at these amazing creatures. In Herbivore Safari, visitors can even feed some of their favorite animals like elephants, giraffes, camels, and ostriches.

* Caribbean Bay

Opened in 1996, Caribbean Bay is a huge water park equipped with multiple attractions and health facilities. Modeled after the pristine beaches of the Caribbean and decorated with Spanish-styled stone buildings, palm trees, tropical plants, and a shipwreck, guests will feel like they’ve taken a tropical vacation without ever leaving the country.If you need a break from the sun, escape to the Indoor Water Park to enjoy the Wave Pool, Children’s Pool, or the various spa-like facilities with herbal treatments using jasmine, peppermint, lemon, ginseng, and mugwort.

* Everland Speedway
The first car racing track in Korea, Everland Speedway offers thrilling car races year-round (such as Motor Championship Contest).

*The Glen Ross Golf Club

Running under the same principles of course management as the renowned Anyang Benest, the Glen Ross Golf Club is a beautiful golf with excellent facilities that are sure to earn a spot in even the most avid golfer’s heart. The club is conveniently located near Everland, the Ho-Am Art Museum, and several gardens.

* Spooky’s Fun House

Opening in February 2003 and located in Magic Land, Everland, the Spooky Fun House offers visitors a fun-filled journey in the world of magic and mystery, led by the cute little ghost, ‘Spooky.’ Build in collaboration with the world-famous attraction design company HEIMO (Germany) the Spooky Fun House is an entertainment facility fueled by the curiosity of the visitor. Pressing bells, pushing photo frames, or simply passing through corridors unleashes fresh bouts of fun sounds and visual effects.

Caribbean Bay is a popular part of Everland and many people's favourite place to unwind in the resort.
Festival World, Everland

Festival World - this theme is divided into five areas:

•    Global fair that hosts facilities such as restaurants and souvenir shops.
•    European adventure, which includes a flower garden and buildings in Dutch and Roman styles encircled by a train track.
•    American adventure with themes and rides from American history, such as the Old West.
•    Equatorial Adventure.
•    Magic Land with rides, restaurants and arcades.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Planning To Ramoji Film City Amusement Park

Ramoji Film city in Hyderabad, is the world’s largest integrated film studio complex at over 9,000 acres (36 km) of land in the world as certified by Guinness World Records, provides comprehensive and advanced film production facilities with dedicated professionalism. Ramoji Film City is the best amusement park in india.

Ramoji Film City is the ultimate leisure destination for holidays, honeymooners, corporate conferences, events, theme parties, adventure camps, family picnics and grand weddings.

It is also a popular tourism and recreation centre, containing both natural and artificial attractions including an amusement park. It is situated near Hayathnagar and Peddamberpet on Hyderabad - Vijayawada, NH9 highway, about 25 km from Hyderabad. The Outer Ring Road Phase 2 has acquired lands at the entrance and is set to intersect the city.

Ramoji Film City, a tribute to the bewitching magic of cinema, is the dream destination for entertainment and relaxation. Millions of tourists from all over the world come to the complex every month to revel in its infinite leisure and recreation options. Spread over idyllic 2,500 acres and studded with hills, woods, lakes and striking architectural triumphs, Ramoji Film City is one of Asia's fastest growing tourism destinations.


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Monday, 6 February 2012

Travel Vacation Planning To Veegaland Amusement Park

Veega Land, India's initial water theme park, has since its inception been an irresistible attraction for many thousands of fun loving individuals of all ages from everywhere India. unfold over thirty acres of landscaped house, engineered to international standards and impeccably maintained, Veega Land encompasses a incredible array of refined rides to thrill you until you cannot take to any extent further.

The rides offered at Veega Land is classified into four groups: Family Rides, Water Rides, Kiddies Rides and Hair Raising Rides

Water Rides

Wonder Splash

Hop onto a log raft and in. your means on a conveyor track into a cave crammed with mystery and then trundle down at dizzying speed into the crystal clear shallow pool creating an excellent splash which will drench all the riders. This ride is an absolute should for each visitor to Veega Land. 

Kiddies Rides

Happy Kangaroo

This is a ride that takes kids safely harnessed in their seats to a height of five.5 meters and then plummets down, providing you with the expertise of a free fall. admission to the ride on the premise of height.

Hair Raising Rides

Twin Flip Monster

This is a ride that has 2 robotic arms that reach to a height of ten meters. At the top of every arm are 3 capsules just like the blades of a friend. As you go spinning and swirling the robotic arms keep moving up and down providing you with the sensation of being caught in a very whirlwind. Not counseled for heart patients and other people with high BP.