Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Kingdom of Dreams

 Kingdom of Dreams is the first live entertainment in India and leisure destination that is at the apex of the golden triangle of Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. This kingdom is spread over six acres and is managed by Great Indian Nautanki Company, a joint venture between APRA and the group Wizcraft. It's a place where the feast is India's great style and glamor. This is a great palace of gigantic proportions, with luxurious interiors. The Kingdom that offers authentic cuisine, live entertainment in the form of musicals, dramas, Mythology programs, parades, weddings Mock India, Indian art, crafts and more, all with modern technology. Dreamland includes Nautanki Mahal, Showshaa Theatre, Culture Gully, Living Idea buzz and a theme restaurant, which offers 350 exotic food preparations by chef’s certificates from 14 states. But the main attraction and the jewel of the kingdom of dreams is Nautanki Mahal, built as a palace and is the first in India to 850 auditoriums.

Nautanki Mahal:
Nautanki Mahal is well designed as an Indian palace. It's a place where you can enjoy the magic of Indian cinema alive in a spectacular and electrifying stage show.
Every bit of the outer wall is carved with geometric designs and some filigree Khajurahi some inspiration. Windows of this theater are beautiful stained glass. The auditorium contains 850 seats Nautanki Mahal with technology. It is a luxury Indian palace and large, where the splendor of India comes alive in a fascinating stage in the drama. The drama is the script, designed, written and produced with the best talent in India and internationally. 

Showshaa Theater:
Showshaa theater has 250 seats in the auditorium of standing routines, interactive theater and some television takeoffs actually performed. They show excerpts from the great Indian epic stories with rich costumes, great production and great choreography. It will also be 'Show Big fat Indian wedding, "a musical choreographed mock marriage where people can dress as the couple and be filmed memories. That ceremony will host the full choreography of the dance and music that will be memorable for all life. It also 'The Great India Circus talent' is the stage where you can witness the most talented performances all over India.

Culture Gully:
Culture Gulch is a large version, deluxe and air conditioning Delli Haat.Includes  street performances, artisans and craft stores all over India. It is a paradise for shop aholics, it offers genuine products at Indian prices. If one is not in the mood for shopping and did get to see performances by dancers from the street can change your mood by having a variety of cuisines. When you are tired, you can get a real massage to rejuvenate. Barranco also offer other services as a mystical center where you can tell your future living area where you can have your favorite brand of tea in a charming atmosphere. The ticket to the Gorge Culture is promoted, however, this can be offset against anything that you buy at home and products, food or drinks. 
IIFA Buzz Lounge:
This Bollywood-themed bar is designed with red velvet curtains and crystal. It is on the first floor reception and music news, bollywood news conferences, etc. Other times, you can enjoy objects stars - IIFA trophy, the last theme song and costumes from the films.

Monday, 28 November 2011

MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World is an amusement park located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is located on the East Coast Road. The park has a channel registration, the giant wheel, turn the spider, the roller coaster, fun mountain, racing cars, super soldier, a world of water and also host special seasonal shows This ensures safety standards world-class rides. MGM water in the world has many water attractions for both children and adults. Some of the main attractions include a wave pool, roller coaster, Revolution, Chinna Kutrallam etc. The park also has a private spa.

Famous Amusement Park
MGM is the first opponent when compared with full of fun, high energy entertainment and is synonymous with some of the biggest entertainment parks in the country. With an entrance average of 3 million people, MGM Dizzee World on ECR Chennai, Tamil Nadu and MGM Selvee unique world of its kind in Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh are some of the largest amusement parks and popular in India. These parks have exhilaing games while adhering strictly to international safety standards. Besides its kind in the world rides, these parks also have an impressive amphitheater that hosts and projects in a variety of events, in addition to the popular Maryworld, a world of only children in the world Dizzee.

It also has 12,000 square feet of the leading technology involved, MOUNT From Italy the wave pool that gives the real exciting effects and additional artificial man made waterfalls in the name of KUTRALLAM Chinna is a haven for children as well, the people of the family.

Water-related rides:
water slides, Zipdip, chinna kutrallam, wave pool, river Venture, boating lake, Torando Coaster, swimming pool, water play station.

  o'Roll Roll ', the wave swinger, MGM Express, Nilagiri express car bet, Slider Hang, crazy bus, back Spider, Ranger, Mountain Tornado, Amphi theater, roller coaster, rocking chair, Revolution, ship flying, Super Trooper, New Ferris wheel.

Adventure Tours at MGM
MGM Ride scooter, mystic maze, horse merry go all year, Elephant safari - for children, boat Minis - for children, Caterpillar, Rainbow, Parachute Tower.

Parking: parking MGM is having a well planted and protected with an area of 5 hectares of land to provide customers with parking capacity of 300 cars, buses 50 and 750 vehicles with two wheels and an additional service of well-maintained bathroom and water facilities on the premises. 

Restaurant: MGM has 4 restaurants inside the theme park in which a service is fully air conditioned and Chinese food in the other three to the south of India and Multicuisine located in the natural environment green. 

Power Unit: Fully MGM Dizzee world operates 6 automated Caterpillar generator sets with power backup of 1,600 KVA to avoid breakdowns.

Tickets at the MGM Dizzee World:
The Price of the moderate compared to other amusement parks. The tickets price is vary foe adult and children.Food is not allowed and discount offered for bulk bookings / group. MGM Dizzee World in general is a paradise for children and offers a great attraction for people of all ages.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cedar Point Amusement Park

In the "Best Amusement Park in the World", the live entertainment options are many. No matter what your taste, there's something for everyone. Shows are presented throughout the day.

Live Show: Singers and dancers perform animated presentations in three theaters of the park and for the entertainment of a different type, skaters, skaters and dancers are in the air in the program of all-wheel Extreme Stunt returning to the stage of extreme sports. Theatre In good time, everyone loves Snoopy beagle favorite features of the U.S. and its friends in a show about high-energy ice skating!

Due to the popularity of our shows and attractions, it is suggested that guests arrive early. Space is limited in all our locations. All shows are wheelchair accessible. ALL SHOWS time allows you.

Rides for everyone in the family:

We will not forget the parents! Mom and Dad will be amazed too when traveling some of the world's best scream machines. With our exchange program for parents, a father waiting in line to ride then give your pass Padres exchange operator and the other parent / guardian can walk to the exit to get to the right on the promenade.

Children rides
Cedar Point has areas in four children is full of everything from tiny bumper cars and helicopters circling a Tilt-a-Whirl and whip Roto. Cedar Point and is not called "Roll the U.S. coast at all. We have two smaller coaster thrills for young people in training.

Planet Snoopy: When you need a break from the games, stop by our Family Care Center, located in the Planet Snoopy. Here, families can take a break from the rides and heat. Parents can change diapers, feed her baby in a private room or simply relax with young children in the air conditioning. Family Care Center is also our main first aid station. Planet Snoopy is the latest addition to the areas of our children and have children of 7 games will love. Take a spin on Whirlybirds of Woodstock, the kite eating tree challenge and more! When you need a break, the Joe Cool Cafe is right next door.

Camp Snoopy: Located just after the tower top thrill dragster, Camp Snoopy is 7 games including a mountain of small size, Woodstock Express, where you can capture the moment with a picture in motion. Only the Camp Snoopy Midway Gemini Area for children. Home to five games for children that are perfect for the novice pilot. The children's area of ​​Gemini is also the home of the roller coaster Jr. Gemini, a perfect "first coaster" for children. Helicoptors, Hot Rods and police cars oh! Kiddy Kingdom has 13 perfect games for the young driver. The area has historic Kiddy Kingdom Carrousel.

Family Rides:
In addition to our four kids areas, Cedar Point has a collection of games for the whole family can enjoy together! Surprise yourself with a 360 degree spiral park space, a trip around the lake paddlewheel excursions, driving an old car and more

Antique Car: Take a smooth ride through the scenic atmospher Frontiertown 3/4-scale replicas of these, 1910 Cadillac Touring Cars. You can travel 1 / 4 mile during the race.

Cars Cadillac travels a scenic and rides very well pass as Raptor, Cedar Downs Racing Derby and toll road cars. 3/4-scale replicas Unit, 1910 Cadillac Touring Cars in the 1/4-mile track.

Giant Wheel: Enjoy breathtaking views of Cedar Point and Lake Erie on the Ferris wheel 136 meters high. Council of the 36 cabins and take your 2-minute drive from one of the largest Ferris wheel in North America. And here's a fun fact: the giant wheel has more lights than any other trip to Cedar Point! It is a must-see in the dark!

Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad: Enjoy a scenic drive in real steam trains in the CP & LE Railroad. Council of the beauties of coal near Frontiertown bobcat or a walk around Cedar Point peninsula. With a history dating back to 1963, the two-mile long is sure to spark nostalgia.

Midway Carousel, built in 1912, the Midway Carousel is one of the few Daniel Muller tapes today. Its long history also makes the oldest operating ride at 60 Cedar Point.The Midway Carousel horses and chariots were completely repainted and restored for the 2010 season. Take a ride on a piece of the true story of Cedar Point.

Space Spiral: Spiral The cabin has space at 285 feet above the halfway point, turning 360 degrees during the trip. Enjoy spectacular views of the park, Lake Erie and the surrounding area. Drive around our little toll road in the muscle car replicas. Pass Raptor, Calypso and Cadillac cars during the race

For all the previous games. Participants must be 48 "tall to ride, or be accompanied by a responsible person. Located near wicked Twister.

Spend the day riding some of the attractions and tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world can work up an appetite. Luckily for guests at Cedar Point, there are a variety of dining options to choose from. If you crave cotton candy, fresh cut fries, cheese-on-a-stick or if you prefer sitting down to dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, Cedar Point is sure to have something for every taste.