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Belmont Amusement Park In Delhi

With its historic big Dipper roller coaster and indoor swimming pool the Plunge, each in-built 1925, Belmont Park is San Diego's giving to a nostalgic era where times were less complicated, and therefore the amusement park was where it all happened. Belmont Park in Mission Bay still attracts thousands of individuals every year to fancy not solely the massive Dipper however different attractions as well as the Tilt-A-Whirl, a three-story drop known as the Vertical Plunge, the freedom Carousel, a man-made endless wave "Wave House", an arcade, and bumper cars. Newer attractions embody a pendulum ride known as Beach Blaster and Chaos.

But the park's landmark attraction remains the enormous Dipper, one among the 2 remaining antique picket roller coasters in California, and a registered national landmark. it absolutely was closed from 1976 through 1990, gap as a result of a gaggle of voters operating along because the "Save the Coaster Committee."

The Plunge, Belmont's indoor pool, conjointly features a storied history beginning as a salt water pool -- in truth, the most important such pool within the entire world when it absolutely was engineered. The Plunge is found within a superbly architected Spanish Renaissance-style building, typical of these erected in San Diego's Balboa Park between 1915 and 1916. owing to harm to the pool's filter system, the pool currently holds contemporary water, however remains the most important indoor pool in Southern California. 

The park has been renovated many times, and there are plans for any restoration and enlargement, as well as the addition of recent underground parking areas, a brand new surfing reef, an indoor-outdoor water park, and a brand new hotel. 

Giant Dipper Roller Coaster:

The parks most distinctive attraction, the enormous Dipper Roller Coaster is one among 2 original oceanfront roller coasters still operating on the west coast. the enormous Dipper was originally in-built 1925 and restored in 1990 for all to expertise the joy of its fast drops, steep hills, sharp curves and high speeds! Riders should be a minimum of fifty inches to ride. 

Beach Blaster:

Beach Blaster at Belmont Park, swings passengers sixty feet within the air to a hundred and twenty degrees in each directions. Riders should be a minimum of forty eight inches to ride. 

Control Freak:

Control Freak may be a ride controlled by the passengers. Riders have hand controls located on the shoulder restraints enabling them to maneuver it forward, backwards and flip their automotive. When each cars are loaded, one automotive managements the ride for the primary 0.5 then control switches to consecutive automotive. This action packed ride is already a success. Included within the Unlimited Ride Wristband. Riders should be a minimum of forty eight inches to ride with a paid Chaperone and fifty two inches to ride alone. 


The Octotron whirls daring riders on a coaster like track.  YOU management the forward and backward motion also because the speed of the spin in a very frenzy of pleasure with dizzying forces. 

Speedway Bumper Cars:

Relive the thrills of bumper cars or expertise for the primary time all the action. should be a minimum of fifty two inches to drive this ride alone. Passengers forty two inches and over might ride with a paid chaperone. 

The Vertical Plunge:

This incredibly fun ride takes riders up 3 stories before dropping them back to the bottom. this is often an excellent expertise for adults and kids alike. Passengers forty two inches and over might ride. 

Krazy Kars

Take a wild bumper automotive ride like no different. Ride on multicolored cars and spin, chase and bump fellow riders. should be a minimum of forty two inches to ride. 


This ride is an amusement classic! Take a spin and keep in mind the fun. Introduce your youngsters to the present wild ride. This quick and furious ride can whirl you into tomorrow. should be a minimum of forty eight inches to ride alone. Those below forty eight inches might ride with a paid chaperone. 

Crazy Submarine

Riders can feel the sudden sensation of diving into deep waters and knowledge the motion of a rocking submarine. Those below forty two inches might ride with a chaperone. 

Thunder Boats:

Bring out the skipper within the young people and ride the waves. every boat has it’s own bell! This journey is bound to bring out the grins. Guests should be able to keep seated by themselves to ride. 

The Liberty Carousel:

A traditional family favorite certain to please those 0-99. the freedom Carousel is commonly a child’s initial expertise on an amusement park ride.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fantasy Land Amusement Park In Mumbai

 The Fantasy Land in Mumbai is one in every of the favored outstanding recreation parks that's situated within the town. the realm within which the Fantasy land in Mumbai is situated is one in every of the foremost verdant inexperienced landscapes. the realm within which the Fantasy land is situated is of thirty acres and within the lovely manner. If someone has plan to implement his sport skills then the person will alright select the Fantasy Land in Mumbai where there are several choices on the market to be happy and celebrate. the placement of the Fantasy Land in Mumbai is within the Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road that is situated off the western categorical highway. This highway is situated within the Jogeshwari space within the Mumbai. there's a awfully quick development within the fun park once the institution within the year 1992. 

After the institution of the park there are several alternative drastic development created in order that the individuals of all age realize it a lot of entertaining to come back and obtain them relaxed within the Fantasy land amusement park. The sources of entertainment have increased currently once the institution. currently the Fantasy Land is as how the individuals would like it ought to be.
Sources of entertainment in Fantasy Land in Mumbai

 There are several entertainment choices on the market for the individuals of any age. The age isn't the least bit a drag for the individuals. There are several rides and games on the market for the those that come back to the Fantasy land amusement park. there's a pendulum like issue product of the Dragon that clocks to and fro. It swings the uncountable the individuals on one go. succeeding entertainment is that the master blaster that has dozen arms to raise you up and it drops you suddenly in order that you get a good expertise.

The next entertainment zone is that the Slam Bob that the boats surf the air which too with a good speeds in order that it provides several fun and entertainment to the individuals. individuals of Mumbai relish rides in Fantasy Land. There are entertainment choices on the market for the conveniences of the recent individuals. they're going to even be terribly happy going for those games and also the rides. there's another game called the Grand Slam within which you'll fight with the automotive. you'll smash your automotive with the opposite person and you'll even walk out once crashing with a smiling. 

There is conjointly Roller Coaster on the market in Fantasy Land in Mumbai. The name of the Roller Coaster is Ze Ulta Fulta categorical. this is often one in every of the highest rides in India. This ride is in such some way that the ride takes a full 360 degree flip within the sky and this may conjointly leave you suspended within the mid air. Fantasy Land is extremely famous for this specific ride in Mumbai. within the amusement parks the specialty is that the coin operated games that brings a lot of quick entertainment to the individuals. Fantasy Land in Mumbai conjointly offers several coin operated games for the individuals of the Mumbai.
How to reach Fantasy Land in Mumbai

There are several choices that are a lot of convenient to succeed in the Fantasy land in Mumbai. the simplest manner that the individuals like better to reach the Fantasy Land is by the own transport. There are several taxis that are on the market for the hiring which can direct you to the Fantasy Land in Mumbai. If {you will|you'll|you'll be able to}’t like selecting then you can alright select the busses that are on the market to succeed in the Fantasy Land in Mumbai. excluding the taxis and also the Busses that are on the market from the town there are trains which will bring individuals to the Fantasy Land in Mumbai from the town

Friday, 20 April 2012

Neeladri Amusement Park In Bangolore

Bangalore is a city of stifling heat. Especially during the summers a person can literally be driven crazy by the soaring temperatures in this tropical city. To beat the heat this city has come up with many innovative methods. Not the least of which and very popular among tourists is a visit to the Neeladri Amusement Park, Bangalore.

Neeladri Amusement Park is one of the best place to be in if you want to spend a fun filled day in Bangalore. This is the only place in the Bangalore city where you can experience the charm of an amusement park and water park together. The fun filled atmosphere of Neeladri Amusement Park spreads across 30 acres of land. This wonderful landscape consists of numerous fantastic rides, video game parlors, restaurants, amphitheater, ice cream and chaat stalls. 

You can enjoy the 45 thrilling rides with your family and friends in this place. These speedy and mind blowing rides will certainly make your minds light and tension free. Neeladri Amusement Park is a real good one if you want to make your kids happy. The colorful landscape of the place can prove to be great fun for children.

There are over 45 different impressive fun rides. The eight popular water rides in the Neeladri Amusement Park, Bangalore consist of water slides, water pools and boating. Various other rides are also available in the amusement park. Some of the popular rides are Formula 2, Family Slide, Zyclone, Guided Cars, Bouncing Castles, Bumping Cars, and Water Chute. There are also video games arcade where one can enjoy simulation games.

Splashing the soothing blue water of the water park is also a nice way to relax and escape the tensions of urban lifestyle. Neeladri Amusement Park also provides the thrill of swimming to its visitors. The water park has locker facilities to make you visit a safe and hassle free one.

The Neeladri National Park of Bangalore is located 14 km away from the city, just behind the Electronic City in Honsur Road. On weekdays you can visit this park between 10:00 am and 6 pm. On weekends and other public holidays the park remains open till 7 in the evening, arranging for an extra hour of fun for the visitors.

Neeladri Amusement Park in Bangalore is a thrilling place for entertainment.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ocean Amusement Park In Hyderabad

As the name reflects, Ocean Park located on the Gandipat Road in Hyderabad is a perfect place for fun lovers. it's one the primary theme parks of India and it still enjoys the charms of the recent time with the new world. With the changing times it too has modified. Art Technology Filtration Plants are used to filter the plants. The Wave Pool slops within the water with a 5ft water depth. moderately smart lush greenery over a sprawling twenty acres of land makes it a pleasing keep. the simplest factor regarding the park is that its open one year of the year and offers a well-liked mixture of joy rides and water rides.

Fast Facts regarding Ocean Park Hyderabad

» Location - Osman Sagar Road,Gandipet, Hyderabad
»Accessibility- Bus Services, Cabs - simply reachable by road.
» Best time - September to March
» Visit Timings- 11:00am to 08:00pm..
» Amusement Park Fee - Upto Rs two hundred per person (Adults). Fee of kids are on consession basis. Fee of the park is subject to vary.
The Rides
The fun of getting a ride on the rear of a camel may be experienced at this place. Its one amongst the exciting things which may be done here.

Super Loop Ride

This is the foremost adventurous within the Ocean Park. It takes you in swrills creating it one amongst the rarest roller coaster in India. Its not meant for the kids!

The Park 

Basically the Ocean Park is split into 2 sections - Water Park and therefore the Amusement Park. The Water Park consists of the water rides and therefore the Amusement Park consists of varied rides. The Park is split into totally different sections - youngsters section and adults section. Waves and Swimming pool section are 2 different sections.

The Wave Pool Section encompasses a Wave pool, the water slides, the Harakiri, and aqua Snake pool and a youngsters pool. relish the splash within the midst of the water that gushes by

Funs and Rides at Ocean Park Hyderabad

» Wave Pool : This Pool offers a tremendous sensation of ocean waves. relish the waves within the pool as you sit by the aspect of a ocean aspect.

» Harakiri : relish the water touching you as you slide down this water slide. Feel the expertise of skimming through the skinny waters of a sheet and exit while not obtaining wet - even an inch!

» Aqua Snake : Sit in a very enclosed raft that takes many curves and drops as you progress down the tail of the snake. No ought to amendment your dress.

» Water Slide complicated : Aqua Glide, Aqua Trail, Crazy Cruise, nothing Zap Loom are the water slides that take you to the waters . relish the slide as you safely land into the water.

Food Courts and Bar of Ocean Park Hyderabad

» Peacock Ride : This Peacock Train takes the you from the thongs to the darkness of a cave. relish the ride because it takes you from the sunshine to the dark and therefore the dark to the sunshine.

» Humpty Dumpty : Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall - we tend to all have sung this rhyme within the faculty. currently let the youngsters relish the ride out of the college within the fun ride.

» Star Tramp : Jump, jump and let the youngsters relish the fun of jumping during this fun ride.

» Break Dancing : Dancing has continuously been thus smart. do this one out not on the ground however with the automobile that break dances with you.

» Fun trooper : Its for all ages, from the youngsters to elders. relish the rides as you persist a ride on this fun trooper.

Food Court and Bars

A substantially smart food of Continental and South Indian style is accessible within the Ocean Park. the costs are moderately honest enough to afford.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Astroland Amusement Park In Coney Island

The father of America’s roller-coaster revolution, and also the massive momma of Coney Island. The Cyclone created its debut on June twenty six, 1927. begin with a eighty five foot tall, sixty degree drop and then shake, rattle and roll through vi turn-arounds and eight additional drops. when you get over excited by the globe famous Cyclone stop by our memento buy a ride photo and an officer Cyclone T-shirt.

Astroland Amusement Park is that the largest amusement in ny town. It's open from April nine to mid-October every year. throughout the spring and fall it's open solely on the weekends and through the summer it's open daily. The park is best known for its wild roller coaster ride referred to as “The Cyclone.” The Cyclone may be a two,640-foot compact picket twister with twelve drops, sixteen changes of direction, six 180-degree turns, eighteen track crossovers and twenty seven changes in elevation. It travels sixty mph, which implies the full ride lasts one minute and fifty seconds. 24 passengers will ride The Cyclone in every cycle. 

Other rides obtainable for adults or older youngsters are: • Power Surge,• prime Spin • Thrill Ride, Water Flume,• Pirate Ship, •Scrambler,• Bumper Cars, Dante's Inferno,• Break Dancer, Astrotower, Tilt-a-Whirl. Rides for younger youngsters include: • Pirate Jet, Tea Cups, Froghopper, bike Jump,• Super Swing, •Himalaya, hearth Engines, long island Coaster,• Mini Trucks, Convoy,• Popeye Boats, Circuit 2000, Carousel and Dune Buggy. Jump Astroland Amusement Park conjointly has what they decision “10 games of ability,” ten arcades and 2 restaurants. One restaurant is on the boardwalk and also the different is on Surf Avenue. teams of fifteen or additional will get a reduction if tickets are reserved before. 

Astroland served as a significant amusement park from 1962 to 2008. it had been replaced by a brand new incarnation of Dreamland in 2009 and of Luna Park in 2010. the opposite parks and attractions are: Deno's surprise Wheel Amusement Park (a successful family owned park with over twenty rides located directly on the Boardwalk), twelfth Street Amusements, and Kiddie Park. Also, the Eldorado arcade has its own indoor bumper automotive ride. The Zipper and Spider on twelfth Street were closed permanently on September four, 2007 and dismantling begun, when its owner lost his lease. they're to be reassembled at an amusement park in Honduras.

Luna Park Rides and Highlights:       
Luna Park options largely off-the-shelf spinning rides, including: 

             Air Race - Riders pilot their own planes around a "control tower" during this spinning ride. Air Race created its world debut at Luna Park. 

             Electro Spin - A Disk'O, that may be a combination spinning ride and coaster. Riders sit facing outward on a spinning platform that travels back and forth along a u-shaped track.

             Eclipse - A pendulum ride that swings riders back on a forth on a spinning platform.
             Lunar Express - alittle family roller coaster.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park In Vietnam

Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park could be a Vietnamese water-filled fantasy land, located rather unromantically next to a rubbish dump fifteen kilometres South of Ho Chi Minh town. Suoi Tien, or "the fairy stream," is that the world's initial water park dedicated to Buddhism, specifically the Southeast Asian animistic kind of Buddhism. The animism works well for the theme park; rather than Mickey and Daffy, Suoi Tien has chosen the Dragon, Unicorn, Tortoise, and Phoenix as its sacred animals, used thematically throughout the huge water park. Furthermore, employees in golden monkey outfits roam the park taking photos with guests and inflicting "mischief."

The park focuses on Vietnamese history, folklore, and after all on the Buddha himself. Among the parks several options are an outsized golden dragon whose mouth contains a neon haloed shrine to Buddha, avenues lined with pillars within the form of large elephant tusks, a swimming pool surrounded by a colossal concrete facade of dragons and an enormous rotating frog sculpture at the doorway. significantly pleasant are the twelve story face's of the Buddhist sages - with water slides rising from their beards.

Children may fancy a dog or turtle formed boat ride round the island pavilions. But, beware the cutely-named Palace of Unicorns that contains a surprisingly gory house of horrors among. maybe the strangest and most unnerving feature of the big park is that the crocodile kingdom. A pond with over one,500 live crocodiles, guests are invited to feed them with raw meat connected to fishing poles. 

The whole factor is sort of spectacular and created on an enormous scale. Although, the lax safety controls -acres of wet, slippery concrete, low hanging stalactites within the cavern water slides, and also the bay of crocodiles- remind you that you just aren't in Disneyland anymore.

There is recent, clean, inexperienced atmosphere with Orchard Garden and Woods that is spacious for the open air camping. Beside of those, Suoi Tien Park get several ideal places like Underground Aquarium, with colourful world of marine creatures, Animal Kingdom among disguised mountain with hundred of forest animals species. Join us, you'll fancy several enticing, exciting games and attractions such as: Race automobile, Water slide, Stuffed toys, Boeing plane, nice wheel, Skating Rink, Water Park project, Super speedy  Roller Coaster, Phu Dong sq., Dreamy Castle, Bat cave with innumerable bats, Mid air cycling over crocodile farm with over one,500 crocodiles of all sizes that cause fearful feeling for tourist.